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Common Worship: An Order of Prayer and Dedication After a Civil Marriage
Provides the text of an Order for Prayer and Dedication after a Civil Marriage with Bible readings, Psalms and Canticles. This service is for...
Common Worship: Burial of Ashes card
Designed for use in the graveyard or other burial location, this service card contains the text of the rite for the Burial of Ashes. It is produced...
Common Worship: Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child card
This service card presents the text of the Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child service. It contains congregational responses rather than the full...
Common Worship: Holy Communion at Home/Hospital Order Two Card
A service card including the text of the Order Two Holy Communion service that is suitable for use at home or in hospital. It contains congregational...
Author: N/A
A Christian Voice in Education

A Christian Voice in Education

Distinctiveness in Church Schools

Since the publication of Looking for Quality in a Church School there have been many changes in the world of education, and every Church school has...
Common Worship: Public Worship with Communion by Extension
This is the authorized provision for Communion by Extension, using the Common Worship liturgical material for the Church of England.Following...
Follow the Star (single copy large print)

Follow the Star (single copy large print)

A journey through the 12 days of Christmas

Follow The Star is a pocket-sized booklet inviting you to travel in the footsteps of the Wise Men this Christmas to meet Jesus. It contains 14 daily...
Author: Isabelle Hamley
Paperback Large Print
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