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Thu 8 Dec 2016 @ 18:50

Watch the great new #JoyToTheWorld video featuring @revmattwoodcock – author of the brilliant #BecomingReverend

Welcome to Love Life Live Lent

Love Life Live Lent

"This little book comes with a warning these actions could seriously affect you and the world in which you live ... Why not use Lent and this little book to catch a glimpse of what is possible when we each take a risk of grace? With God's help, each of us can be the change we want to see in the world."
Dr John Sentamu, The Archbishop of York

Over 450,000 people have taken part in Love Life Live Lent since 2007. With separate, full-colour booklets for Kids and for Adults/Youth, daily tweets and downloadable resources for churches & schools, everyone can be the change they want to see this Lent.

Grab your booklets - and join in!

Action Support and Useful Links

Here you'll find support for some of the actions in the Love Life Live Lent booklets.

Action Support:

From the kids' booklet -  Notes to parents & carers

Shrove Tuesday - Pancake recipe

Good Friday - Make an Easter Garden


Podcast 31

This Lent start a revolution - and be the change you want to see - by completing the daily challenges in the Love Life Live Lent booklets by Dr Paula Gooder and Peter Babington, available from Church House Publishing

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Love Life Live Lent Booklets

Available in both Adult & Children/Youth versions - and in money-saving bulk packs - these booklets might seriously affect you and the world you live in!

LLLL Support for Churches

Ideas, resources and publicity materials for churches using 'Love Life Live Lent' 

LLLL School Resources

Free downloads, posters, wallcharts and ideas to help run 'Love Life Live Lent' in a school

Love Life Live Lent on Twitter!

Engage with the Love Life Live Lent actions on Twitter in 2014 - and share your #livelent experiences with the world!

Thu 8 Dec 2016 @ 18:50

Watch the great new #JoyToTheWorld video featuring @revmattwoodcock – author of the brilliant #BecomingReverend

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