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Mon 18 Feb 2019 @ 12:21

RT @oxforddioceseOrders are coming in thick and fast for #LentPilgrim and #EasterPilgrim. Have you got yours yet?

Preaching with Humanity

A Practical Guide for Today's Church

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ISBN-13: 9780715141366
Published: 01/06/2008
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Product description

Today, many people question the value of preaching. Yet preaching is one of the most awesome callings in the world. Preaching with Humanity considers questions such as: How can 'old-fashioned' preaching survive in a YouTube culture? What is the place of preaching in a 'mission-shaped Church'? How can we preach with humanity - with our fellow human being, not 'to' them, or 'at' them from a height or a distance? Whether you are new to preaching or building on existing skills, this book will help you in the life-long process of becoming a preacher with humanity.

Author Information

Geoffrey Stevenson

Geoffrey Stevenson was the Director of the Centre for Christian Communication at St. John's College, Durham from its inception in 1996 until its closure in 2005. While it was open, the centre was used for the training and resourcing of church leaders, focusing on preaching, apologetics and communication skills appropriate to the 21st Century. Geoffrey is a popular speaker and trainer of preachers and writes teaches and speaks on the thelogy and practice of communication today. He is the co-author of Preaching with Humanity.

Stephen Wright

Stephen Wright is an Anglican priest and Vice Principal of Spurgeon's College, London. With Geoffrey Stevenson he is the co-author of Preaching with Humanity. His book Alive to the Word: A Practical Theology of Preaching was published by SCM in 2010.

Product Reviews

'An energizing book to feed the preaching of both the new enthusiast and the experienced practitioner. It answers the questions you only half dared articulate, and is sure to stimulate you to fresh resolve.' -- John Pritchard, Bishop of Oxford

'A first-class exploration of the art of preaching.' -- David Day, St Nicholas, Durham

'Highly readable and immensely practical.' -- The Reader

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Mon 18 Feb 2019 @ 12:21

RT @oxforddioceseOrders are coming in thick and fast for #LentPilgrim and #EasterPilgrim. Have you got yours yet?

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