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Tue 15 Jan 2019 @ 6:44

RT @churchofengland#LentPilgrim invites you to spend 40 days reflecting on The Beatitudes, which are at the heart of Jesus’ teaching.…

Common Worship: Time to Pray

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Leather / fine binding
ISBN-13: 9780715121221
Published: 01/07/2006
Product description

Time to Pray contains a simpified 'Daily Office': a pattern of prayer, praise and daily Bible reading that is simple, fresh and accessible. It offers two flexible services, ideal for those seeking a simpler form a daily prayer or those just beginning a regular routine of time with God.

While being straightforward and flexible to use, Time to Pray draws the reader into a tradition that has been practised by Christians throughout the centuries and continues to be shared across the word today.

Taken from the material provided in Common Worship: Daily Prayer, it contains:

  • Prayer During the Day (for every day of the week)
  • Seasonal variations
  • Night Prayer
  • Selected Psalms 

Bound in imitation leather, Time to Pray is lightweight and portable, ideal for use at home or on the move.

Find out more about the new Church House Publishing app based on Time to Pray

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Author Information

Church of England

The Church of England uses two complementary sets of services authorised by the Church of England's canon law - Common Worship and the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. Common Worship (2000-2008) employs a more modern turn of phrase than the Book of Common Prayer, with vibrant images that seek to connect the biblical tradition with people's own experiences. It provides a common structure for Church of England services, but with a large variety of prayers, readings and resources that allow churches to tailor their services to their own setting.

Product Reviews

Time to pray then is fundamental. And this gem of a small book, offering developments in daily prayer, can be used to create moments of peace in any life seeking points of stillness at the centre.... The book could be valued both by a small group learning to pray together, and by individuals wanting five minutes prayer at the lunch hour, or a brief focus on the train home.
Sarah Cawdell, Fulcrum

‘… ideal for people who are wanting to pray on a daily basis within a regular framework, for whom Morning and Evening Prayer are simply not suitable…. This may well be just the prayer book for people from less liturgical traditions who want a simple structure to their daily Bible-reading. It would also make a good confirmation present.’

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Tue 15 Jan 2019 @ 6:44

RT @churchofengland#LentPilgrim invites you to spend 40 days reflecting on The Beatitudes, which are at the heart of Jesus’ teaching.…

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