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Integrate the Church of England's pattern of daily Bible readings seamlessly into your life with the official Common Worship Lectionary app and website.

The app is compatible with smartphones and tablets (iPhone or iPad with iOS 13.0+ and Android 11.0+), while the website is compatible with laptops and desktop computers with internet access.

For each day of the church year, it presents the Common Worship Lectionary readings in full, plus links to the Bible passages themselves (NRSV translation). The app also allows you to:

  • View Collects and Post-Communions (not found in the print edition)
  • Mark and annotate records - ideal for service planning
  • View the week's lectionary in a single page
  • Start your annual lectionary whenever you like: no need to wait for the new church year
  • Read biographies from 'Saints on Earth' of individuals commemorated in the Common Worship calendar on that day.

The Lectionary website also allows you to:

  • Copy and paste readings, collects, prayers and biographies into any program of your choice
  • Generate a customized service sheet for the Principal Service each Sunday
  • Switch between Lectionary and Sunday Worship views.

How to get started with the Lectionary app:

1) Buy a subscription 

Common Worship Lectionary App 12 month subscription


2) Download the app for phones and tablets

3) Activate your subscription on your mobile device

If you purchase a Lectionary app subscription from this website you will need to sign in to the app to activate your subscription. (You can also purchase a subscription through the mobile apps if you prefer.)

1. Open the app menu and tap on "Subscriptions"

2. Choose to sign in to hymnsam.co.uk

3. Enter your Hymns Ancient & Modern account details - this will be your email address and the same password you use to log in to this website (reset your password here)

Your subscription can be used on up to five devices - simply log in to each one using your Hymns Ancient & Modern account details.

4) Visit the Lectionary website

Sunday Lectionary View On PC

Anyone with a current offline-access subscription to the Lectionary app can also use the Lectionary website.

The website is compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers with internet access. It replaces the desktop app for PC and Mac. 

Open the website:

Sign into the website using your Hymns Ancient & Modern account. You may need to refresh the page when signing in.

Why did we change from a desktop app to a website?

  • No downloads or updates required - the website always has the latest and most correct information.
  • Compatible with all browsers and operating systems, including Mac.
  • The move to a website allows the CHP team to develop exciting new features that sadly were not possible with the old desktop app.

Having trouble?

Please check our App FAQ first for solutions to common issues.

  • If you have have installed the mobile app or logged into the website, the best way to let us know about a problem is to submit a support request from within the app or website itself: In the app menu go to "About this app" and tap on the help and support link.
  • On the website, please send a support request: click on the main menu button in the top-left corner, go to "About this app" and select the option 'send a formatted support email'.

If you have any other queries please contact subs@hymnsam.co.uk