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Wed 23 Jul 2014 @ 6:56

Latest books/EBooks explore Anglican Social Theology and @c_of_e perspectives on end life issues:

Church Weddings Handbook

The Seven Pastoral Moments That Matter


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ISBN-13: 9780715142875
Published: 01/07/2012
Product description

Couples have more choices of wedding venue than ever before, yet 22% still choose a traditional church wedding. Why do they still choose a church? What do they experience and what can be done to make both church weddings and church itself attractive to couples? Over the last few years, the Church of England's Weddings Project has been trying to help clergy up and down the country answer these questions, and here at last are their findings in a helpful handbook format. The Church Weddings Handbook identifies seven key moments for real missional engagement with couples, beginning with the initial enquiry, through to service planning, the reading of the banns, the day itself and the first anniversary. Exploring each moment in detail with pastoral insight and practical guidance, The Church Weddings Handbook offers a range of trusted resources to transform the way you conduct marriage.

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'Full of splendid insights, all the better for being concise, simple and direct... if we all adopted the attitudes and practices recommended here, we might even see significant growth in church membership among the newly married.' - Church Times

Author Information

Gillian Oliver

Gillian Oliver is a former Head of Communications Development for the Church of England and team leader of the Weddings project.

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