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Thu 26 Mar 2015 @ 11:02

Watch @VenRachel talking about relationships in this @PilgrimCourse video: We might have to update her byline now!

God, Ethics and the Human Genome

Theological, Legal and Scientific Perspectives


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ISBN-13: 9780715141397
Published: 02/06/2009
Product description
Advances in genetic science and medicine over the last few decades raise questions for us all, such as: How far should we intervene in 'natural' processes? How far should we go to alleviate suffering? What constitutes a worthwhile life? What does it mean to be made in the image of God? Exploring these questions and more, God, Ethics and the Human Genome aims to equip the Church and individual Christians to engage with theological, ethical and legal issues relating to the human genome. This ground-breaking contribution to the issues surrounding the human genome brings together leading experts and thinkers from a range of disciplines to help the non-expert engage with this vital area in the light of the Christian gospel.
Product Reviews

This is a valuable introduction to a range of ethical issues that arise in relation to the momentous mapping of the human genome. Extraordinary scientific possibilities are now opening up before us and it is important that Christians raise some fundamental questions, as they do in these chapters. -- The Rt Revd Lord Harries of Pentregarth

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