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Wed 30 Jul 2014 @ 12:50

.@DisabilityJ @MirandaTHolmes We don't publish the Church Book and Desk Diary... that would be @canterburypress

Community Value


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ISBN-13: 9780715141298
Published: 18/05/2007
Product description
Time to Listen is a series of booklets that present current research messages for the Church today in an accessible way. It is intended to help ordinary churches understand the changes in the world around them. In Community Value Lynda Barley explores the fragmentation of community life in Britain and finds that people are searching for community links, which churches are in an ideal position to provide. Her research indicates that churches, far from being forgotten, are valued for the key role they play in community life. Combining analysis with real-life stories, she encourages the Church at a local and national level to make the most of the 'community value' they bring to their areas. She encourages creative and sustained engagement that will bring churches back to the heart of their localities.
Author Information

Lynda Barley

Lynda Barley has been the Head of Research and Statistics for the Archbishops' Council since 2000 during which time she has conducted a number of studies into Church attendance figures and attitudes towards the Church. The results of some of her studies and guidelines on how the Church can successfully interact with modern society can be found in the Time to Listenseries.

Worship 4 Today part 3